Choice Literacy online courses are designed by and for teachers, literacy coaches and school leaders. They are the kind of courses we enjoy most -- self-paced, rich in print and video examples, with access to the instructors for questions and comments.

Each course is divided into 4-6 topics. Every section begins with a brief (5-15 minute) screencast from the instructor, sharing her experiences in classrooms and schools. These screencasts are supplemented with readings and videos from the Choice Literacy and Lead Literacy websites, as well as templates and guides created specifically for each course.

While the courses are designed to be completed in 12 days (with the instructor available for comments and questions), you'll have access to the course for an additional two months if you want or need more time to review the materials and download resources.

Every course includes three-month trial memberships to the Choice Literacy and Lead websites (a $45 value), giving you access to over 3000 articles and 900 videos of teachers, literacy coaches, and students in action.

We don't have all the answers, but we promise we are asking the same questions you are. Because we're in schools every day, just like you.

We'd be honored to have you join us.